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KENTARO!!/Dayonashiik London performance

  • Organization : KENTAROCKERS
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


A performance of KENTARO!! works at The Coronet Theatre in London had been in the pipeline from 2018 but was repeatedly postponed due to coronavirus. A solo work was finally performed in June 2023: the world premiere of “FACING A SILENT ROAR,” and the first performance of a full-length solo work in nine years.

Title: “FACING A SILENT ROAR”(World premiere)
Choreography, Direction, Music, Performance: KENTARO!!
Lighting: Akiyo Kushida
Producer: Marie Takimoto


A group led by KENTARO!!.
When he was in elementary school, KENTARO!! started dancing by imitating what he saw. After that, he began dance school at the age of 13, and made a fresh start at the age of 23 as KENTARO!!
Although his work is based on street dance techniques centering on HIPHOP, he pursues a form of expression that breaks away from the genre’s existing stylized forms. He has led TOKYO ELECTROCK STAIRS since 2008.
He creates works tailored to his own sound sources, pursuing a strictly non-narrative style that is structured by interweaving the meaningful and the meaningless while vaguely synchronizing with the music.
He is currently continuing with projects related to dance project Dayonashiik, which he started in 2022.


Marie Takimoto
#201, 3-4-12, Kugayama Suginamiku Tokyo Japan 168-0082
+81-(0)90 8880 3737


The Coronet Theatre, London, England