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‘Love-World’ project by Monet

  • Organization : Monet
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Theater


The purpose of this project was the startup and the long-term continuation of “Love World,” a multidisciplinary artist group that plans and manages multifaceted forms of artistic expression grounded in theater. Seeing theater as a comprehensive form of art and culture that should be continued, passed down and developed, Monet’s ideas are unconstrained, and incorporate improvisational elements. These ideas are also broad-ranging, new and unique in terms of Monet’s work as an actor, director, production figure, art and stage director. The group’s philosophy is to offer “fun and fabulous” works in various locations under the theme of love in all its forms.


Musashino Art University graduate student. First took to the stage in 2019 after studying under the instruction of Kenzo Kimura at a theater school for young people. Became interested in theater and joined Marshmallow Waves, learning the craft of acting as a troupe member. Monet appeared in numerous Marshmallow Waves works including “Manji,” “enfant terrible,” “Ten’imuhō,” “Arashi,” and “Marion bridge.”
Monet also performs on stage in outside productions.
In 2022 Monet launched the multidisciplinary artist group “Love World,” which continues to the present day. Not limited to stage work, Monet’s broad-ranging activities also include involvement in video works.




Moto-eigakan, Arakawa City,Tokyo