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STAND Still Tokyo

  • Organization : STAND StillーVisual Voice of Sexual Violence Survivors
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


We let survivors of sexual violence photograph thoughts that they never were able or wanted to verbalize instead of being photographed as a subject of being photographed. In our photo workshops, we hope that they can see themselves and find their voice through their own work. At the same time, we hope they respect and empower each other. At our photo exhibitions, we want the public to see the real people in survivors, not the stereotyped image of victims, hoping for better understanding of survivors, promote better social awareness and better support for the survivors.


STAND Still Tokyo
STAND Still Tokyo has been established in 2022 after realizing that many survivors came from Tokyo. We hope to reach out the survivors of sexual violence living in Tokyo as we make workshops and exhibitions available closer to them. We realize that many don’t want counseling, nor go into a support system. For those who don’t want to go to those public or private help, we provide a safe place to express themselves while they don’t need to talk about what happened to them. Our hope is that they can empower themselves and each other.


STAND Still Tokyo
E-mail: standstilltokyo@gmail.com


Photo Exhibitions:
Gender Research Center Gallery, Aoyama Gakuin University, Shibuya City, Tokyo
Tokyo Women’s University, Setagaya City, Tokyo
Nakano Industrial Promotion Center, Nakano City, Tokyo
Catalyst BA in Futako Tamagawa Rise Office Building, Setagaya City, Tokyo
Tokyo Women’s Plaza, Shibuya City, Tokyo