What we do

Noh trial lesson for the first time

  • Organization : SHINKA CO., LTD.
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Practical experience course – Noh trial lesson
first period; October 1 – November 31, 2023 at Hatasan Room, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
second period; December 1, 2023 – January 31, 2024 at Hatasan Room, Shinagawa City, Tokyo
Appreciating Noh performance
The 5th Shinka Noh Performance December 3, 2023 at Hosyo Noh Theater, Bunkyo City, Tokyo
February 24, 2024 at Kasuga Kyoshitsu Butai, Bunkyo City, Tokyo

Hands-on experience event
Noh Koutai and Shimai

Number of practical skill sessions per participant (including presentation/rehearsals for presentation)
5 sessions

Principal instructor
Kii Noriko

Event features
After watching a free preparatory video online, participants will attend four lessons over two months, making this an accessible program that doesn’t require any equipment. Participants will complete a short 2-3 minute Koutai or Shimai, after which children and adults will give a joint performance. The experience of being on a prestigious Noh stage will enable participants to experience the power of the Japanese spirit. Participants can also enjoy a Noh performance at a Noh theater for a special price.

Publicity methods for the recruitment of participants (collaboration, cooperation, networking, etc.)
Flyers will be placed at Noh-related facilities in Tokyo, notices will be carried on the SHINKA CO., LTD. website and distributed across social media. Flyers will be distributed to residents in the area using a post office service.

Ways to enable participants to continue with practical skills experience (other than programs covered by this grant) after the end of the event
For those interested, we can introduce a Noh course in which participants can learn 10 popular Koutai and Shimai pieces.
We will announce a participation program in a monthly Noh Appreciation Seminar for a special price.


A private production company whose aim is the popularization of traditional performing arts centering around Noh, and sustainable prosperity. Targeted mainly at people experiencing Noh for the first time and non-Japanese, the company plans and manages Noh performances, holds Noh classes and workshops, and designs and sells related merchandise.


Noriko Kii
representative Director
3-6-1 Hatanodai, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 142-0064