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“Double Booking”-2023-

  • Organization : NO.4 Co., Ltd
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


With a script based on the concept of a “double booking” starting simultaneously at theater folk favorites Kinokuniya Hall and Theater Tops, this is a fantastical play in which the 23-strong cast develop the story as they flit back and forth between each theater. The performance at both venues encompasses the play’s themes: i.e. that it is absorbing to watch the show at one theater but even more absorbing to watch at both; and the questions of what theater is, and what constitutes theater artists’ way of life and thinking.

Written and directed by: Yasuyuki Tsutsumi
Music: Takuya Kusunose
Design: Yoshiharu Hongo
Lighting: Norio Abe
Sound: Koichi Yamamoto
Producer: Toshiyuki Namba
Yuki Nozawa, Hidetoshi Kubota, Atsushi Mizutani, Ryo Saeki, Kana Satouchi, Yuna Sekine, others


【NO.4 Co., Ltd.】
Founded as a production company in 2013. Over the decade since, it has produced around forty works including several series, principally for performances in Tokyo at venues including New National Theatre, Tokyo, Hakuhinkan Theater, Kinokuniya Hall, Shinjuku Theater Tops, Theater Sun Mall, and Akasaka Red Theatre. The two musicals “Tegami” and “Galileo☆CV” have been performed under license in a tour across China. NO.4 Representative director Toshiyuki Namba, who has been an actor for 12 years and a producer for 35, has worked on all of these productions, including“Double Booking”-2023-.


Toshiyuki Namba
NO.4 Co., Ltd
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Kinokuniya Hall,Sinjuku City,Tokyo
Theater Tops, Sinjuku City,Tokyo