What we do

FUKAIPRODUCE-hagoromo “Platonic Body Scrum”

  • Organization : LLC. the 17th of October
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The new work by FUKAI PRODUCE-hagoromo, whose unique style comprises a series of musical scenes like a concept album, creating a weird and wonderful (myo) form of musical it calls a “myosical.” The synopsis is that a mysterious being enters into a performance by a theater company called “Japanese theater company Hagoromo.” In this original musical theater piece based on the concept of the theater company, details of creative activities and troupe members’everyday hardships as well as the fundamental theater motif of make-believe are skewered from a cosmic perspective through the character of a mysterious extraterrestrial being.
Designed for people inundated by mainstream content in entertainment-replete Tokyo, the intention was to balance humble details and grand themes, supporting sensitivity through a work that questions the true essence of things, and giving back the richness of arts and culture through a work that is original and unique.


LLC. the 17th of October
Established for the purpose of planning and producing theater and operating the theater company FUKAI PRODUCE-hagoromo. Through FUKAI PRODUCE-hagoromo’s activities, the group aims to create universal musical theater by using unique forms of expression to depict humanity’s underlying blunt strength and complex richness. It also aims to improve expertise through theater company management and the production of stage performances, strive to train the next generation, and contribute to the development of stage arts and culture.


Honda Theater, Setagaya City, Tokyo