What we do

Japan-Taiwan Butoh Dance Exchange

  • Organization : Walks project
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Butoh dancers, the future leaders of Japan and Taiwan, learn and improve each other’s butoh and ideas.
The current state of Taiwanese butoh is introduced to Japan. Butoh exchange between Japan and Taiwan has been growing in recent years. Butoh is now much needed by the younger generation in Taiwan. This is because butoh has been accepted as something important that people’s hearts and minds are looking for in the current social situation and many other problems.
Butoh dancers in Japan and Taiwan are keen to deepen exchanges, learn from each other and work together. This project will be an opportunity for people’s hearts to connect with each other through butoh exchange between Japan and Taiwan, leading to the development of a future society.


Walks project
A Butoh dance unit of butoh dancers Mayako Okura and Takuya Tsuji. Starts from 2021. We are exploring the possibilities of butoh, with the aim of making the innate goodness of each person shine brightly, and that brilliance becomes the power to change the world and create the future. So far, they have released two butoh duo works, “Iza Syutsujin!!” and “Walks -Manimani Dochu Rhapsody-”. In 2023, we have been expanding our activities by planning exchanges with butoh dancers, musicians, and butoh dancers from abroad who are active in Japan and abroad.


Walks project


TERPSICHORE, Nakano City, Tokyo