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A profile of a composer KEIKO HARADA

  • Organization : SUNTORY FOUNDATION for ARTS
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


A profile of a composer is a concert series that focuses on outstanding Japanese composers, presenting a program of their leading works. This year, the 34th time that this event has been held, the spotlight falls on Keiko Harada, who brings a unique musical world to life with her intricate compositions. They will be performed by seven members of Ensemble Modern (a driving force in the world of contemporary classical music that has won tremendous trust from composers worldwide) in collaboration with the Toho Gakuen Orchestra, who will spend time creating an unforgettable performance.

Keiko Harada: Sonora Distancia III (2000-01)
       : Third Ear Deaf III (2003)
       : Piano Concerto (2013-15)〈World Premiere〉
       : Commissioned Work by Suntory Foundation for Arts (2015)〈World Premiere〉


Music Division, Suntory Foundation for Arts
The Suntory Foundation for Arts Music Division contributes to the development of western-style classical and contemporary music and the enhancement of the cultural heritage in Japan. It promotes music by Japanese through awards to individuals and groups of excellence in the field, as well as through publications and presentations of 20th-century music. Since 2012, the Suntory Hall has been organizing concerts and educational activities as part of the SUNTORY FOUNDATION for ARTS.


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