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verbal Imagining museum tour with blind

  • Organization : verbal Imagining museum tour with blind
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


At four art museums in Tokyo, we will hold art appreciation workshops in which everyone can participate, whether or not they have a disability. In the workshops, people with visual impairment and sighted people will form groups, and converse as they encounter art works. The participants will walk around the exhibition space, talking about the works in terms of visual information, thoughts and impressions. Two staff members (a person with visual impairment and a sighted person) will accompany each group, facilitate the conversation and create an environment in which participants can speak freely.
Capacity: 16 persons; open to everyone
Duration of each workshop: 2 hours


“Verbal Imagining Museum Tour with Blind” was launched in June 2012. We hold workshops at least once a month in various locations such as museums (including art museums) and schools for the blind, and create a space for conversation among people with and without disabilities and with diverse backgrounds. We aim for a style of art appreciation that allows everyone to visit museums in an easygoing manner and speak freely with one another about their feelings and impressions, experiences and thoughts.


Kenta Hayashi
verbal Imagining museum tour with blind


Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo(Koto City, Tokyo), Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum(Taito City, Tokyo),
Tokyo Station Gallery(Chiyoda City, Tokyo), National Museum of Nature and Science,Tokyo(Taito City, Tokyo)