What we do

Development and completion/release of "Film made from Sound"

  • Organization : charm point
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Long
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art

Outline of the project

【First year】
Production and screening/presentation event for “Salome’s Daughter/Dance Film” (tentative title); overseas premiere of “Salome’s Daughter” with acousmonium system; third term of the lecture series “Within Films, After Films, Film Borders”; production of the English version of “Music as Film”

【Second year】
Realization of “Artistic Development of Film Made from Sound” (tentative title); production of the long film drama “Film Born from Sound” (tentative title); fourth term of the lecture series; screening of “Music as Film” and “Salome’s Daughter/Dance Film” (tentative title) at an overseas film festival

【Third year】
Theater release of the long film drama “Film Born from Sound” (tentative title); exhibition documenting the “Film Made from Sound” project; “Within Films, After Films, Film Borders” symposium


Charm point is a group whose purpose is to support the experimental creation of film director Kei Shichiri. The core members are video personnel, musicians, photographers, poets, etc. who work actively in their fields on a freelance basis. For each film they form a loose collective, together with guests artists and personnel, and carry out creative activity which expands the range of expression in film. The films they have produced thus far include “Hottentot Apron – a Sketch” (2006), “Before the Day Breaks” (2007), “DUBHOUSE” (2012), and the series “To the light” (ongoing since 2014).


Kei Shichiri
charm point