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Cie Les Gums "Stoik"

  • Theater / Dance ,
  • Performance

French classy skits by male and female duo

The performers consist of a tall and lanky fastidious man and a petite, cheerful girl. Like celery and squash, just watching them together is surreal.

You will watch the various over-the-top sketches these two put on to the backdrop of simple stages. Employing accordions and songs, words are not needed for their simple yet sophisticated humor to strike a universal funny bone. Parents and children alike are sure to get drawn in to their performances. After the performance a workshop will be held on the stage by the performers themselves.


Brian Henninot, Clémence Rouzier


All seats reserved
Adult: 2,000 yen
High school age and under: 1,000 yen

Full-program tickets combined with other TACT/FESTIVAL programs(“Men with Soles of Wind” / “Linéa”) are also available.
<2 Full-program Tickets>
Adult: 3,500 yen
High school age and under: 1,500 yen

<3 Full-program Tickets>
Adult: 4,800 yen
High school age and under: 1,800 yen


Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre Box Office
TEL: 0570-010-296
(10:00-19:00 except when the Theatre is closed)


Theatre West, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo Metropolitan Government,
Arts Council Tokyo(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Supported by
Toshima City, Ambassade de France à Tokyo, Institut Français du Japon