Engei in Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal

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Haneda Airport is known as the overseas “gateway into Japan and Tokyo” as the airport bustles daily with many foreign visitors to Japan. This program, which is held at Haneda Airport, consists of three separate programs that allow participants to see and experience traditional Japanese culture up close.

*The program contents may be subject to change.

Shishimai / Kyokugei

Shishimai (lion dance) is a type of ancient Shinto music and dance. Originally it was a dance to purify places such as by exorcism, and it is said that people who were present at the dance would also have their heads bitten by the lion which would lead to auspicious occurrences and good fortune. Shishimai parades around fourth and fifth floor area and can really experience manners and customs that a head is bitten. Afterwards, you can enjoy Kyokugei performance at the stage of Festival plaza on fifth floor. You can see the kasamawashi performance which means rotating an umbrella with some objects, as well as gokai-jawan, using a long rod to support some objects on top of the rod. In Japan, the kasamawashi is particularly popular and also believed to be very auspicious.
You can try performances such as kasamawashi and kamitate (a part of gokai-jawan).

Schedule from April through June
April 10, May 1, 8, June 5, 12


Wazuma is traditional magic that has been handed down from 400 years ago. This magic was extremely popular among the masses in the Edo period. An instructor will explain the brief history of wazuma while providing you the opportunity to try it out. You can see The Nanking-tamasudare (Nanjing bead blinds) while parading around the fourth and fifth floor area in the first half. Afterwards, you can enjoy Wazuma performance(Japanese traditional magic) at the stage of Festival plaza on fifth floor.

Schedule from April through June
April 17, May 15, June 19

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Tokyo Tradition Office, Arts Council Tokyo  
TEL: 03-5428-3655(10:00-18:00)


Haneda Airport International Passenger Terminal 5F Festival Plaza and others


Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Supported by and in Cooperation with
Tokyo Metropolitan Government  
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