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Performance: "Tonzura of Ikko Tamura"

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Children absorb everything they encounter in a constant, ongoing process of rebirth and transformation – and they can embark on even more exciting changes and stride ahead in their development by meeting artists engaged in an endless quest for new possibilities, modes of expression, and creation. When artists successfully convey their thoughts, perceptions, and paths of life to children, in that moment where artists and children make a fundamental connection, an altogether new performance experience comes to life.

Directed, choreographed, and staged by Ikko Tamura (Butoh dancer/choreographer for Dairakudakan)
Performers: Children in grades 3-6; Tomoshi Shioya and Emiko Agatsuma from Dairakudakan
* Free admission
* Advance registrations required


NPO Children Meet Artists

Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
NPO Children Meet Artists
Chofu City (Chof City Sengawa Theater Project for Cultivating the Children of Future Generations
Chofu City Board of Education


Chofu City Sengawa Theater (1-21-5 Sengawa-cho, Chofu-shi)