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Traditional Performing Arts × Street Dance
(Tokyo Traditional Arts Program)

high school students perform street dance on traditional Japanese music Hiromitsu Agatsuma (Shamisen player) collaborates with DAZZLE (performing group)

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This program is an attempt to create a new fusion of performing arts from totally different cultural backgrounds; street dance with Tsugaru Shamisen.
[Part 1]
Street dance clubs of 3 high schools in Tokyo will show their original dance to tunes of Japanese traditional music. Enjoy the energetic stage of the Japanese teenagers inspired by the traditional music.
[Part 2]
Enjoy the joint performance of Tsugaru Shamisen player, Hiromitsu Agatsuma with dance group DAZZLE! Both artists, rooted in Japanese tradition, will present a new profile of Japanese traditional artistic expressions with their exciting improvisation.

Program and Lecturer

High School Dance Club (Adachi Shinden High School,Kiyose High School and Takashima High School), Hiromitsu Agatsuma, DAZZLE

【Part 1】Street dance by high school dance club × Kabuki

【Part 2】Hiromitsu Agatsuma × DAZZLE “Ko-ei”

Ticket Information

October 4 (Friday), 2013
[Admission fees]
Reserved seats only
3,000yen (adults)  2,000yen (students)
*Tickets for wheelchair seats are available at the Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee Office
*No entry for children under 6 years old.

[Ticket sales]
•e+ 0570-06-9993 [e-code:031050] 
•Ticket PIA 0570-02-9999 [P-code:430-638]


Secretariat of the Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee

Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Tokyo Culture Creation Project Office (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee


Nippori Sunny Hall