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Workshop for International Collaboration: Open call for participants (directors/performers) [Audition]

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For the Tokyo Festival APAF – Asian Performing Arts Forum 2018, we are seeking participants resident in Japan (1 director and approximately 6 performers) to conduct a series of workshops with artists from Asia and then perform the resulting work. We accept applications from people involved in genres other than theater. Please apply if you are interested in creating theatrical pieces with overseas artists.

Program Summary
For the “Workshop for International Collaboration” program, participants from each Asian country are divided into 3 teams, take part in a roughly 10-day workshop on one theme, and then perform an original 15-minute short theatrical piece. Participants comprise directors (1 from Japan and 2 from Southeast Asia planned) and performers (13 people from 8 countries took part in FY2017). Of the 3 teams, 1 will stage its piece for the Creation through International Collaboration program at APAF the following year.
The program’s aim is for a generation of artists responsible for the future of performing arts in Asia to develop new values through collaborative creation with team members from different countries, backgrounds and genres; thereby opening up possibilities for performing arts projects based on international collaboration.

Workshop theme
At previous APAF workshops, pieces have been created on the themes of “Rice and Rice Plants: Our Similarities and the Differences Reflected in Food Culture,” “Rain” and “Makeup – Maquillage.” This year’s theme is “Violent.”

APAF 2018 – Workshop Concept
Theme – “Violent”

One of the things that makes human beings human is their relationship with violence. Since the dawn of history, people have used violence for their own purposes, even as they restrict it as something to be avoided. Violence is also an element of our relations with others, changing form with each era and region. We selected this theme not in order to discover something common to all Asian countries, nor out of a wish that “violence” be portrayed on stage. The performing arts are expressive forms that interpret the past and enable the people of today to think about the future in a real way. We are hoping first of all for the exploration of contemporary people’s “relationships with what is called violence,” from inside the specific locality of each artist. In addition, no matter how the times change, human beings will surely require physical expression as long as they exist by way of a body; and we anticipate that this primitive and social theme will lead to work that deals with contemporary physical expression.
Junnosuke Tada, APAF Director

Principle program information and schedule (planned)

Oct 29 (Mon) — Nov 12 (Mon), 2018
Introductory meeting, guidance and team division
Oct 29 (Mon), 2018
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (participants visit the performance venue then transfer to Shizuoka)
Rehearsal period and location
From Oct 29 (Mon) to Nov 4 (Sun), 2018
SPAC Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
From Nov 5 (Mon) to Nov 8 (Thurs), 2018
Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre rehearsal room
Nov 9 (Fri), 10 (Sat), 2018
Venue: Theatre West, Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre
11 Nov (Sun)
Speeches and presentations at wrap-up event taking an overall look back at the workshop
Nov 12 (Mon)
Attendance at APAF Art Camp public presentations

Recruitment summary

Following pre-selection, directors will be interviewed and performers will audition.

Process up to interview/audition
Application deadline (6/20) → Pre-selection → Notification of results of 1st-round selection (6/30) → Interviews/auditions (7/3) → Notification of results (mid July)

Who is eligible
Artists resident in Japan and working in a directorial capacity, such as directors or choreographers with experience of directing at least 5 works, who want to collaborate with artists from overseas or from other genres.

Artists resident in Japan such as actors, dancers or artists in other genres with experience of appearing in at least 5 works, who want to collaborate with overseas directors and actors, or artists in other genres.

(Directors and performers)
In principle people aged 18 – 40 (Selection in the under-22 age group possible: see below for details)
People able to participate in all schedules/program contents between Oct 29 and Nov 12
(Note: While interpreters for various languages will be available during the program, in many cases English is used for communication, particularly between performers).

Available places
1 director, approximately 6 performers
※We plan to hold the workshop with at least 10 participants from Japan and overseas, including mainly Southeast Asia.

Interpreting in each language during the program

(Performers) Daily allowance of 3,000 yen x 15 days (Oct 29 – Nov 12) = 45,000 yen (planned) including meals and transportation. However, Shizuoka round trip transportation and Shizuoka accommodation (including breakfast) will be paid in kind, and lunch/evening meal expenses during participants’ stay in Shizuoka will be deducted from the daily allowance.

(Performers) Will be remunerated separately for speaking at the wrap-up.

(Directors) Will receive a separate director fee payment. Moreover, Shizuoka round trip transportation and Shizuoka accommodation (including breakfast) will be paid in kind.

Those coming from distant locations in Japan should contact us concerning the costs of round trip transportation to Tokyo/Ikebukuro and accommodation.

Under-22 age group
People under 22 years of age may apply regardless of experience as a performer or work experience.

This is a valuable opportunity to be involved in the creation of theatrical pieces with directors, actors and performers active in Japan and overseas! Please take this opportunity to experience firsthand international collaboration and the “now” of Asia’s performing arts.

*Those under 22 years old at the end of FY2018 (as of March 31, 2019)

Performers in the under-22 age group will not receive daily allowances, remuneration or transportation expenses. However, Shizuoka round trip transportation and Shizuoka accommodation (including breakfast, lunch and evening meals) will be paid in kind.

Summary of interviews and auditions

Date and time
July 3 (Tues), 2018
Applicants who pass 1st-round selection will be notified of starting times.

Zoshigaya Community Cultural Creation Hall, 3-1-7 Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (inside Chitosebashi Kyoiku Bunka Centre)

Directly connects to Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line Zoshigaya Station Exit 2
17 min walk from the East Exit of Ikebukuro Station, JR Yamanote Line
2 min walk from Kishibojimmae Station, Toden Arakawa Line

How to apply

Please fill in/attach the following information to the special form on the APAF official website. (The form is available in Japanese only. We accept the application via email as well;

Please send the information below via email:
Preferred role (director or performer)
Professional (artist) name, if applicable
Date of birth Age
Occupation (or affiliation, etc.)
Profile, principle work experience/activities (in about 400 characters)
Contact address (including postal code)
Daytime phone number
Email address
Reason for applying (in about 400 characters)
Languages (For each language please state your level, qualification, score for TOEIC, etc. If you only speak Japanese, please say so.)
Message (if any)

Please include 2 written pieces of up to 800 characters on the following themes:
(1) Myself and Asia
(2) The workshop theme of “Violent.”

Directors only
Your production plan at the present time on the workshop theme of “Violent” (within 800 characters)

The URL of a video of a work you have directed within the last 3 years (Please use a video-sharing service such as YouTube, and set access rights as necessary).

Performers only
Pictures (1 bust shot, 1 full-length standing pose as JPEG or PDF files)

Your personal information will be handled as strictly confidential, and will not be used for any other purpose than to contact you about the program.

Application deadline

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 (11:59 p.m.)

Notification of results

You will be informed of the results of pre-screening, and details of the interview/audition day by June 30 (Sun), and of the final selection results by mid-July.

*As a general rule you will be notified of selection results and various other matters by email. Please ensure devices such as computers and mobile phones are set to receive messages by email.


With regard to how to apply, entry form
Regarding APAF workshops



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