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Fuchu Film Chronicle

Kick-off Event Vol.1

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In the run-up to the film screening event Fuchu Film Chronicle we ask: what is an artist-friendly community?
Fuchu is known as an area with high levels of resident satisfaction. Festivals centering on the 1900-year old Okunitama Shrine are held in various locations throughout the year, and the area also boasts a healthy and active choral/live music and sports scene. There is something for everyone in Fuchu — and yet something is missing…..

Fuchu does have art museums and galleries, and it’s a fact that many artists live there. However we at Artist Collective Fuchu (ACF) want to create a more arty atmosphere, an artist-friendly community where the individual can shine.

For example:
Organizing art projects that use the streets of Fuchu as their stage
Creating good relations between artists and local people, and getting them to collaborate artistically
Creating pressure-free, stress-free breathing space and relaxation in people’s lives by providing contact with art and creative activities
Seeing a boost to the number of activity hubs for artists

ACF will initiate art projects in Fuchu like of which it has never seen, creating platforms making Fuchu a comfortable and rewarding place for artists to live in.
As our kick-off event, we will hold a screening of indie/personal films, experimental films, short animations and more by filmmakers living in the Tama region including Fuchu. Artists are free to choose a work based on the theme of their first impetus, and works will be screened in public halls. Set out on a journey together with ACF; witness for yourself encounters between good old-fashioned culture and art films, on a journey towards a community that encourages/enables artistic expression in everyone who lives there.

Screening 1 Saturday, 19 January, 2019 12:30 - 14:05

Film journal bound with warm-hearted laughter

Shigeta Uchimura
Born in 1974 in Hiroshima, lives and works in Tamagawa Apartment near Tama River.
The artist is kept busy with the quadruple roles of personality/director/listener/contributor to the cassette tape show “Shigeta Uchimura’s All Night Nippon.”

Fujisan to John Lennon (Mt. Fuji and John Lennon)
1993 / 5 mins / 8mm film
The artist’s first 8mm film, shot at the age of 19 with a friend.

oku no shinkon ryoko (My Honeymoon)
2002 / 40 mins / 8mm film
A work comprising all the film shot by the artist over four years.

Oshare 29/29 (Chic 29/29)
2003 / 25 mins / 8mm film
An 8mm film made at the age of 29 on the theme of “keep on rockin’ for chickens.”

Screening 2 Saturday, January 19, 2019 14:30 - 16:10

A peculiarly floating, critical exploration of the world.

Mikio Yamazaki
Born in Tachikawa in Tokyo in 1959, lives and works in Higashimurayama. Began to play filmmaker while at junior high school, and has been making his own films ever since. By 2018 he had made 100 films.

Sekai wa garakuta no naka ni yokotawari (The World Lies in a Pile of Junk)
1984 / 12 mins / 8mm film
A personal film centering on the momentous event of the artist’s father’s death.

Terminal Beach X
1981 / 35 mins / 8mm film
An improvised wander through the streets of Sapporo without lines or script.

Doro no naka de umareta (Born in Mud)
1986 / 17 mins / 8mm film
An independent film made in the artist’s apartment. After playing around with the camera and microphone, the artists hits the backstreets….

Joppin (The Key)
1988 / 3 mins / 8mm film
The title means “key” in Hokkaido dialect. The artist rushes out of his apartment and messes around with the microphone with kids on the street.

VM no hyoryu (VM Drift)
1990 / 9 mins / 8mm film
Second installment of the VM series looking at life and death, including scenes that overlap with “Doro no naka de umareta (Born in Mud).”

Screening 3 Sunday, January 20, 2019 13:00 - 14:40

Collection of animated films by commercial film director Mai Tominaga and artist Shibatsuji Perrin Utako.

Shibatsuji Perrin Utako
After graduating from Musashino Art University Department of Imaging Arts & Sciences the artist did an internship at a renowned old puppet animation studio in Manchester, UK. Opened artist-run-space merdre in 2011, and engages in a variety of art-related projects there. Lives and works in Fuchu City.

Tenchi sozo (The Creation of Heaven and Earth)
2006 / 2.5 mins / DVD
Silly little (in the artist’s words) puppet animation based on the myth of the creation of heaven and earth. Is it lies or truth?

2004 / 3.5 mins / DVD
A combined puppet/2D animated piece about a strange creature that absorbs sorrow and brings happiness.

Kumachan no monogatari (Bears Story)
2000 / 4 mins / DVD
Discarded teddy bear toys make their way to the streets to find humans to play with.

Mai Tominaga
Film director and picture book artist. Directed “Wool 100%” and “Rinko’s Restaurant” among others. An art director for NHK Educational TV
“Shakiin, ” in recent years she has also written picture books.

Kazamidori to entotsu otoko (The Weathervane and the Chimney Man)
2006 / 8 mins / DVD
A live-action piece about a grief-stricken man who climbs up a chimney and a teasing woman possessed by a weathervane.

Suito shonen (Water Bottle Boy)
2004 / 21mm / DVD
A boy who can’t let go of his water bottle goes to a friend’s vacation home in this mysterious world, created through live-action and animation.

Namakemono shiroppu (Sloth Syrup)
2003 / 5.5 mins / DVD
Get drunk on syrup and enter a world of dreams in this work drawn on one piece of paper.

2001 / 5 mins / DVD
A sharp little tale shot in stop motion animation about sweet little pieces of pasta, later turned into a series.

Kurokoge (Burn)
1995 / 11 mins / 16 mm (planned)
A woman gazes at the television while she irons…filmed by Keiko Utagawa.

Screening 4 Sunday, January 20, 2019 15:00 - 16:45

Bringing self-truth to light with two gently self-mocking works

Keiko Utagawa
Born in Tokyo in 1971 and brought up in Kanagawa, she majored in film at Tama Art University. These films were screened at the Image Forum Festival and other events. Currently a nursery teacher living in Inagi City.

Kokoro no uta (Song of the Soul)
1998 / 50 mins / DVD
This unique self-documentary film takes a look at the artist’s own existence through the eyes of her family and friends.

Mimi no naka no mizu (Water in the Ear)
1993 / 36 mins / 8mm film
The artist herself appears in this work, camera in one hand. A semi-documentary film blending chaos and humor.

Screening 5 Sunday, January 20, 2019 17:30 - 19:15

An in-depth night sampling experimental filmmakers.

Tohru Mabuchi
Born in Shizuoka, lives and works in Fuchu City. After graduating from Tama Art University’s department of oil painting, the artist worked at professional laboratories and photo studies producing photographic works. The artist, fascinated by the 8mm medium, has also now taken on the challenge of making film.

sodium light baby
2010 / 4.5 mins / 8mm film
8mm studies developed in monochrome at the photographer’s laboratory.

Yajimachi Satoshi
A graduate filmmaker from Image Forum Film Institute who produces mainly 8mm works. Works by the artist (a self-confessed/renowned cinephile) are shown at independent screenings and film festivals in Japan and overseas.

Tsukiyomi (Moonlit night)
2005 / 12 mins / 16mm film
This work explores how hidden feelings start to bud when a girl and a boy get close to each other in a dark wood.

Hajime Kawaguchi
Born in Tokyo in 1967, Kawaguchi began creating film works at Kyushu Institute of Design, and continued to make films during multiple relocations to Fukuoka, Yamagata and then Tokyo. The Shobi University full-time lecturer and filmmaker produces works ranging from films that play with grain and frame, to a fake documentary beginning with the death of his grandmother. Some playful pieces also feature cats!

rack-pinion (wired-glass No.4)
2017 / 5 mins / 16mm film
The eyes of a cat appear from the ruins.

Iso Phases of real (Variant Phases)
1997 / 25 mins / Video
Film and memories as quasi-reality.

1991 / 6 mins / 16mm film
Film as projected light.

2009 / 3.5 mins / 8mm film
Spaces generated by multiple-exposure.

Kansoku (Observation)
2009 / 3.5 mins / 8mm film
Walking the world of film.

2009 / 6.5 mins / Video
Video as time generator.

1988 / 5 mins / 8mm film
Landscapes on the other side of thin film.

1992 / 6 mins / 8mm film
Film as dot painting.


*Priority to reservations. First-come-first-served basis.


50 persons per screening

Reservation and application

  • After each screening there will be talks by the artists. End times include these talks.
  • Free of charge numbered ticketing for each screening.
  • Please refrain as much as possible from leaving your seat during screenings.
  • Programs may be subject to change. Your understanding is appreciated.

Please apply using one of them methods below:
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With the subject line “Screening participation,” please send an email to the address below making sure to include the name of the applicant, your contact details (telephone number and e-mail address), the session you wish to attend (from Screenings 1 — 5/ multiple screenings may be attended), and the number of attendees.

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Shiraitodai Chubu Kokaido (2-67-31 Shiraitodai, Fuchu City, Tokyo, inside Shiraitodai Chuo Park)
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