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Looking at a carpenter’s hut

  • Art Project

We are giving people a look at a ‘carpenter’s hut’ before it is dismantled.

The activity hub of the art project HAPPY TURN / Kozushima comprises three buildings: the ‘store’ which used to be a Chinese restaurant, the ‘carpenter’s hut’ which was the work place of the man of the family who made a living from carpentry, and the ‘main building’ where the family lived.
One of them, the carpenter’s hut, will be dismantled at the end of May, when we will hold an exhibition ‘Looking at a carpenter’s hut,’ which focuses on the remaining piece of carpentry machinery in the hut.
Visitors looking at the carpenter’s hut, which will be gone in about a month’s time, can try and imagine what sort of place the vacant plot will become after the hut is dismantled.


*Program contents are subject to change.

Planning and space design

Iwasawa Bros.


Kozushima Moriagetai (NPO)

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Former Tsunekichitei (998 Kozushima Village, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Kozushima Moriagetai (NPO)