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This year’s festival includes Bon dance with live music and singing, Otomo Yoshihide showcases his new Tokyo songs, and enka star Kiyoko Suizenji makes a guest appearance

Directed by musician Otomo Yoshihide, Ensembles Tokyo is a participatory music festival which anyone can take part in. The aim of this event, staged since 2015,is for everyone who takes part to create their own musical arena, transcending their respective standpoints and styles.
For this its fifth year, the festival (to be held on Saturday, August 24) is taking place like last year at the city’s iconic Tokyo Tower, a popular tourist destination and gathering place for different people from Japan and overseas.
This year’s confirmed lineup includes Kuricorder Quartet, Otomo Yoshihide Special Big Band, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki & Orquesta Nudge! Nudge! and Chieko Ito of the now disbanded Strange Kinoko Dance Company. There will be advance music/performance workshops for participants, who will take to the stage with members of the general public on the day of the event.

What’s more, this year’s festival will feature live musical and vocal performances of new Tokyo songs created especially for Ensembles Tokyo by Otomo, and a Bon dance by all festivalgoers.
Enka singer Kiyoko “Cheetah” Suizenji famous for the song “The three hundred and sixty five step march” will also make a guest appearance on the day. Please join in with Suizenji’s live vocal version of her famous tune, and the participatory Bon dance that will accompany Otomo’s new festival songs!

Director: Otomo Yoshihide
Art direction: Project FUKUSHIMA!
Stage production: SALMONSKY LLC.

*Rain or shine. Cancelled in the case of stormy weather.
*In case of cancellation of the event, we will announce it on the official website.

Participating artists

Kuricorder Quartet, Otomo Yoshihide Special Big Band, Yasuhiro Yoshigaki & Orquesta Nudge! Nudge!, Chieko Ito (former member of Strange Kinoko Dance Company), Project FUKUSHIMA!

Guest: Kiyoko Suizenji




Ensembles Tokyo Executive Committee Office


the south side parking lot of Tokyo Tower and other locations



Organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Ensembles Tokyo Executive Committee [P3 art and environment, OMY Area Management Association, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Inc.]
Supported by and in cooperation with
Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Supported by
Minato City
Cooperated by
SANYO SHOKAI LTD., Tokyo Tower, Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Brother Sales, Ltd.