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(Secondary recruitment) kyodo 20_30 is looking for its “players” !

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Kyodo 20_30 is an art project where we collaborate with youth aged 20-30 who will be responsible for our society in 10 years (in 2030).
​Through various creations in regards to the “invisible borders/walls” which is the theme of Beyond Invisible Borders, we will have discussions and go through multiple processes for mutual-understanding.
This program is based in Kyodo, Setagaya-ku in Tokyo, and it encourages participants to collaborate (kyodo) with people with different identities through workshops and lectures, and reflect on our future community (kyodo-tai).
Kyodo 20_30 is looking for participants aged between 20 and 30 who will be responsible for our society in 10 years (in 2030). We call them “players”. Players are our members who will plan the project with our collaborators. If you become a player, it will be up to you how you will participate – whether you want to come up with your own program yourself, or you just want to listen to everybody else. Different ways of participation are welcome.

Number of Participants

Approx. 10
*If we receive more participation requests, we will speak with each of you to discuss your

purpose of participation and possible ways of participation.

Participation fee



  • Be between 20 and 30 years old as of 2020
  • Be able to participate in the program held bi-monthly in Kyodo, Setagaya

*We need participants to be able to join each session in person, as various workshops will be planned as in-person workshops. (However, it is possible to organize some of them online if social conditions render it difficult/impossible to organize in-person events.)

We will shift from in-person programming to online programming in any of the following situations:
– If governmental bodies ban/strongly discourage gatherings, for example by declaring a state of emergency.
– If any of the participants or Kyodo Atelier visitors were infected with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.
– If the project administrators have come to the conclusion to stop in-person programming in consideration of various social conditions including an increase in the number of confirmed cases in Tokyo.

*Please click here to check our COVID-19 preventative measures.
We ask our participants for their cooperation.

*Program content is subject to change.
*The program will be offered primarily in Japanese. But language support in English and Mandarin Chinese can be provided.

Ideal Traits

  • Foreign residents and those with foreign backgrounds
  • Those who are interested in international communication – particularly communication with people with different cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • Those who are interested in art and creation, but not necessarily sure where to start
  • Those who want to meet people with whom you can create something or have discussions together

Application Deadline / How to Apply

We have reached the maximum number of players, so we’re closing the application process.

September 13th, 2020 at 24:00 (EOD)
To apply, please fill out the form on the official website.

Kyodo 20_30 welcomes many different ways of participation, including occasional drop-ins. Please ask any questions on the form for any details. There is no deadline for applications here. Please feel free to contact us.

kyodo 20_30 Online Orientation
kyodo 20_30 Online Orientation will be broadcast live on YouTube. Yasuhito Yano, the program director of kyodo 20_30 will speak about the program with our program collaborators in detail. This online orientation is for those who are interested in the program, but who can’t quite understand its overview and purpose – please feel free to join.

Date / Time: Sunday, September 6 from 14:00 to 16:00
*The video will be archived for future viewings.
Please click here to visit the viewing page.
*The YouTube link has been changed from the initial announcement. (updated on 8/31 17:00)


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