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TOPACO (Tomin Performer’s Corner) Vol.8

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TOPACO (Tomin Performer’s Corner) Vol.8 is to be held in March 2021 at Shibuya Stream with no audience to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection. We will upload the performance video at a later date.

Performers (in no particular order)

Indian dance: Kathak
“Kadamb Japan”

Kathak is an exotic and fascinating form of classical dance from India. As the only dance institute in Japan preserving the elegant style of Kathak guru Kumudini Lakhia, Kadamb Japan is an active center for intercultural exchange.
The complex steps, fast spins, and elegant choreography unique to Kathak dance has delighted many audiences.
Kadamb Japan’s activities center around Omotesando and Setagaya.

Belly dancing
“KANA Bellydance Arts”

Welcome to a beautiful and bewitching Arabian world!
We are a belly dancing school offering a variety of dance like folk dance and fusion centering on this authentic ‘oriental dance’ with its origins in Egypt.
We give dance demonstrations and performances at local events, concerts, parties etc.
We hope to bring energy and smiles to you all, so please enjoy the feeling of traveling the world!


A group of people inspired by the YOSAKOI Soran Festival of Hokkaido are creating a new form of entertainment out of the cutting-edge city of Tokyo.
We aim to be a team that presents group dance expression incorporating distinctly Tokyo-esque works with various individuals, and one that embodies the universal values of dance by exploring objectivity and high quality with a production team of veterans and young creators.

Double Dutch
“good luck”

A Double Dutch team whose activities center around Shibuya. In Double Dutch, jumpers between two turning ropes perform freestyle dance moves and acrobatics to music. We aim for a performance that can help move people’s hearts in a positive way. Coronavirus has gotten everyone down, but we hope this will be a time for surprise, delight, and excitement.

The Loose Bossa+

Duo featuring masayo on vocals and melodica, and Koyama on guitar and ukulele who play jazz pieces and Japanese songs based on bossa nova.
Originally in the same jazz combo, the duo is constantly exploring how far it can enjoyably go with musical expression as a “duo,” the smallest musical unit. Although the duo sometimes welcomes guest performers, its strong point is in the “loose” and laid-back atmosphere suggested by the unit name.

Tahitian dance
Tahitian dance team HINATEA

We are a Tahitian dance team in our second year of operation since forming. Tahitian dance is still relatively little known, but it is said to be the forerunner of the more famous Hula dance. Tahitian dance can be broadly divided into two types, both engaging and invigorating: Otea, a flamboyant group dance to percussion rhythms, and Aparima, in which hand gestures are used to tell stories. We practice hard in lessons every day so that we can convey the appeal of Tahitian dance. Today we bring you a little bit of Tahiti with our dancing!

Tsugaru Shamisen
Tsugaru-jamisen Team OTOHA

Tsugaru-jamisen Team OTOHA is an official Keio University club whose activities center around the mission of promoting and spreading Tsugaru-jamisen. Now in the 6th year since its founding, fifty or so members take part in the club’s activities, performing around twenty to thirty times a year at events and care facilities for the elderly, etc. In 2020, the team won the ensemble category in the national Tsugaru Shamisen tournament in Shiga, and now practices daily, its sights set on being the world number one team! We look forward to presenting audiences with the powerful sounds of Tsugaru.

Tokyo YOSAKOI Team Sun

A Yosakoi team whose activities center around the Kanto region. The team’s unique Yosakoi style incorporates elements of hip hop and jazz dance into traditional Yosakoi. The team name “SUN” is a nod to the concept of team members shining brightly, like the sun. The team has garnered many awards at festivals such as two consecutive victories at the Tokyo Yosakoi Festival.
Neither is the team’s scope of activities limited to festivals; it also engages in activities to develop reach and recognition of Yosakoi through appearances in commercials, on TV, in live concerts, etc.


Primavera means “spring” in Spanish. There is a saying that “spring always follows winter,” and it is a law of nature that even cold and harsh winter turn into warm and hopeful spring. We will be performing in the hope of delivering through flamenco a happy smile-inducing spring to everyone who came to see us during these difficult times under coronavirus, and hope this will cheer everyone up.
With much gratitude and love, we hope you enjoy the passionate flamenco of Spain.

Nihon Buyo
Mori no Club Nihon Buyo

Mori no Club Nihon Buyo is a traditional Japanese dance club popular for its Nihon Buyo dance and dance that choreographs the basic elements and gestures of Nihon Buyo to contemporary music.
Some of our participants practice classical pieces but we mainly attract people who want to use the gestures and postures of Nihon Buyo to dance to songs they know and like.


Shinagawa-ku-based RAMS performs at a variety of local volunteer-supported events, concerts and contests, etc.
From elementary students to university students, our members work together like one big family!


TOPACO (Tomin Performer’s Corner) Administration Office


Inaribashi Square in front of Shibuya Stream (3-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)


Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)