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Accounting /tax for arts and culture

The ABCs of money matters for sustainable activities

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Lectures for everyone from beginners to those who want to strengthen their financial basics:
Five different lectures available depending on activity type, plus individual consultations

Arts Council Tokyo implements the Arts Academy program with the aim of discovering and cultivating leaders of arts and culture for the coming age. We are offering a new learning program in accounting/taxation for practitioners in the field of arts and culture. In order to sustain creative activities, knowledge of the money side of things – the funding for activities, payment to people involved, the balance of income and expenditure, handling of related taxes, etc. – is indispensable. Featuring lecturers who are experts in accounting and tax matters in arts and culture, the course offers a five-pronged program designed for self-employed individuals such as artists and producers, and four different types of organization. Each lecture on the course will provide basic knowledge of accounting and taxation, as well as hints for sustainable management of organizations and business. After the lectures, we will also offer individual consultation time.
This is an opportunity to learn effectively within a busy schedule. We look forward to a wide range of participants, from those who feel weak with accounting/taxation, to those aiming to strengthen their footing in managerial skills.

Course details by lecture program

  1. The individuals
    A lecture in which participants acquire basic knowledge about approaches to income and expenses and final tax returns, as well as the basics necessary for business management.
    (Example: withholding tax deducted from income/ blue return/incorporation/ invoicing systems
    *For people who have recently begun paid activities and have little experience of accounting and tax practices
  2. Voluntary or unincorporated associations (executive committees, music groups, theater companies, art collectives etc.), associations considering incorporation
    A lecture aimed at strengthening financial basics for future activities, through experience of specific practices such as filing final tax returns and accounting / taxation matters
    (Example: taxation of voluntary or unincorporated associations/key points to consider when incorporating /invoicing systems
    *For individuals running voluntary or unincorporated associations, those who have experience of business management and accounting practices as sole proprietors and want to consolidate accounting and taxation issues for voluntary or unincorporated associations, and those who are considering incorporation going forward.
  3. General incorporated associations
    A lecture in which participants acquire the knowledge and pointers necessary for organization management and business operation, in addition to basic knowledge formulated on the distinctive nature of general incorporated associations.
    (Example: withholding tax/characteristics of non-profit type general incorporated associations/taxation of for-profit-making business/financial statements for general incorporated associations/invoicing systems
    *For people who want to improve management competencies for general incorporated associations and reinforce management basics.
  4. Non-profit organizations (NPOs)
    A lecture in which participants learn continuous operations for NPOs by honing managerial perspectives, in addition to basic knowledge formulated on the distinctive nature of NPOs.
    (Example: withholding tax/characteristics of NPOs/taxation of NPOs/financial statements for NPOs/invoicing systems
    *For people who want to improve management competencies for NPOs and reinforce management basics.
  5. Commercial enterprises (stock companies, limited liability companies)
    A lecture aimed at improving competencies and managerial perspectives for accounting/taxation etc. related to creative activities as commercial enterprise
    (Example: withholding tax/commercial enterprise and tax/financial statements for stock companies and limited liability companies/Invoicing systems
    *For people whose actual activities are close to non-profit and want to improve their venture sustainability.

Lecture program dates

Wednesday, September 29, 2021: Non-profit organizations (NPOs)
Tuesday, October 19, 2021: General incorporated associations
Tuesday, November 2, 2021: The individuals *Same content as November 8 lecture
Monday, November 8, 2021: The individuals *Same content as November 2 lecture
Friday, November 19, 2021: Voluntary or unincorporated associations (including incorporation assessment bodies) *Same content as November 30 lecture
Tuesday, November 30, 2021: Voluntary or unincorporated associations (including incorporation assessment bodies) *Same content as November 19 lecture
Thursday, December 2, 2021:Commercial enterprises (stock companies, limited liability companies)

◎Time schedule for each session
18:30 – 21:00 Lecture/Q&A session (including break)
21:00 – 22:00 Individual consultation (only for people who have reserved in advance /approx. 5 minutes per person)

*Lectures will be conducted online using Zoom (Zoom Webinar for lectures, Zoom Meeting for individual consultations)
*All lectures are standalone. Please apply for the session that best suits your needs.
*Participants will be sent a video link for review purposes at a later date (limited period viewing, for lecture participants only)
*Accessibility: sign language interpreting, UDTalk speech-to-text app
*Lecture and individual consultation language: Japanese

Instructors/project supervisors

 Photo: Gottingham
Mari Yamauchi (certified public accountant/licensed tax accountant)

Yamauchi Accounting Office/ THNK Advisory Inc.

How to apply/points to note

Please use this form to apply

Participation fee

Individual consultations (approx. 5 minutes per person)
Advance application required. Consultations will take place after the lectures using Zoom Breakout Rooms. Please select the individual consultation option on the application form. To be decided by lottery if oversubscribed.

Application deadline
17:00, three days before each lecture (please select your preferred lecture on the application form)

*Please note that personal information supplied at the time of application will be used by Arts Council Tokyo and the Arts Academy management office only for the purpose of running this lecture course, and the sending out of information about the course, in accordance with the privacy policy of Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture.
Any problems, worries, questions, etc. entered in the advance question field on the application form will be used regarding lecture content. Please note we may not be able to reply to all questions during the lectures. We would be appreciative if you could make use of the Q&A session in the second half of the lectures. In addition, please note that any problems, worries, questions, etc. may be edited and used in the future as examples (publishing accounting/taxation lecture manuals, etc.), in such a way that personal information cannot be identified.


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