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Short Term Lesson in Koto

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This summer, embrace the traditions of Japan!

This program, which is made up of six lessons and a final performance presentation, provides an opportunity to learn performing arts from professional instructors. Learn a traditional performing art for real, and have fun at the same time!
The essence of traditional performing arts is presented in concentrated form.
The final presentation also features instructors’ dance and music demonstrations.
You’ll have a chance to see your instructors in a different light–as professional performers.
Experience the “real arts” of Japan!


Choose either the “Koto Course” or the “Shamisen Course” and take part in six lessons plus a final performance.

【Koto Course】
Participants: Students from 1st year of elementary school through 3rd year of high school
Time: (a)10:00-11:00 or (b)11:15-12:15
Capacity: 8 for each session

【Shamisen Course】
Participants: Students from 3rd year of elementary school through 3rd year of high school
Time: (a)14:00-15:00 or (b)15:15-16:15
Capacity: 8 for each session

Conditions for participation
1. Ability to attend all lessons and the final performance
2. Ability to cooperate in publicity activities related to this project (participation in press coverage, consent to publication/broadcast of photos/video footage in various media, etc.)

Please note:
– Participants cannot specify their lesson times.
– For the Nihon Buyo Course, participants must arrive 15 minutes before the lesson start time, as it takes time to change into yukata.


3,000 yen
*There are additional charges totaling about 1,500 yen to cover teaching materials


Saturday, July 25
Sunday, July 26
Tuesday, July 28
Wednesday, July 29
Friday, July 31
Saturday, August 1
6 lessons in total

Sunday, August 2
*Including rehearsal


Koto-ku Bunka Center

How to apply
Send an E-mail with the subject line “Short Term Lesson in Koto” or “江東版サマーキャンプ申込” including the following information.
 1.Name of the participants *up to 3 person
 3.School year
 4.Gurdian’s name
 5.Telephone number
 7.Preferred method of contact (FAX, mobile phone, e-mail)
 8.A workshop you wish to participate: Koto or Shamisen

Please apply using the application form on the flyer.

Application deadline
Wednesday, June 24 2015


Traditional Performing Arts for Kids Office in Japan Council of Performers’ Organizations (Geidankyo)
TEL: 03-5909-3060 (weekdays 10:00 – 18:00)



Organized by
Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations (Geidankyo)
Co-organized by
Koto City Culture and Community Foundation (Koto-ku Bunka Center)
Planned and Operated by
Japan Council of Performers Rights & Performing Arts Organizations (Geidankyo)
Production cooperation
The Japanese Classical Dance Association, Nihon Sankyoku Association, Nagauta Association