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Tokyo Traditional Arts Program

In order to share the wealth of Japanese traditional arts and culture with as many people as possible, the Tokyo Traditional Arts Program offers 9 programs of courses and performances with as their pillar.
The program is designed to appreciate the consummate skills of our ancestors and to deepen understanding through experience, an attempt to integrate the cultures of the past and present.
The finest artists guide you on this thrilling opportunity to rediscover and delve deep into the heart of Japanese traditional culture.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Tokyo Culture Creation Project (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture), Tokyo Traditional Arts Program Executive Committee

Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre (Concert Hall), etc.

Events Information

Japanese Folk Performance "13th Tama River Basin Folk Performance Festival"

A performance in a sweep from Shishimai, Wadaiko, Ondo to Ohayashi, all still alive and flowing along the grand river of Tama.

Sangen Crosses the Seas ~from Asian Continent to Japan~

The performance will introduce Asian Sangen music from China and Mongolia, as well as a diverse array of Japanese Shamisen music, from Nagauta, Jiuta, Gidayu and Sanshin, to Tsugaru jamisen.
Come experience the colorful sounds of the Sangen instruments from Asia to Japan.

"Traditional +" rediscover traditional culture of Japan

The talk, performance and workshop offer visitors an opportunity to rediscover the charm of traditional arts relevant even today.
Experts from different fields appear together: traditional and contemporary musicians in “Traditional Instruments of Japan Today,” with Koji YAMAMOTO, animation filmmaker and Takeharu KUNIMOTO, Rokyoku performer in “Animation and Rokyoku,” and finally, in “A Play on Hyakunin Isshu,” those with various approaches to Waka poetry.

Spiral Hall, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography(1F Hall)

Sep 9 (Sun), Oct 23(Tue), 2012, Jan 12 (Sat), 2013

Essence of Art Series No.6 Edo House Art

Kabuki dance virtuoso and the 10th Iemoto Mitsugoro BANDO, will present the quintessence of Edo Kabuki buyo. In addition to a performance of the forte repertoire successive Mitsugoros have been known for, young, promising Kabuki stars, Kikunosuke ONOE, Minosuke BANDO and Ukon ONOE will also appear.

O-Edo Yose, Japanese Traditional Story-Telling, and Beautiful Performance of Geisha Part 2

Traditional Japanese story-telling one-man-show “Rakugo” will be performed, reflecting the lively everyday life in Edo era. The Geisha from Shimbashi district and Akasaka district will show the traditional Japanese dance and music that are usually performed only in private ozashiki banquets.

Lecture and Performance "The World of Nihon Buyo (dance) and Traditional Japanese Music"

Mitsugoro BANDO, Kabuki actor and BANDO Iemoto, will display the magic of Nihon Buyo, and young leading players the art of Traditional Japanese Music. Both genres have mostly developed in Edo era (17. – 19.C.).

Tokyo Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum (Hall)

Jul 3 (Tue), Jul 21 (Sat), Nov 4 (Sun), 2012

Dance Performance of May at the National Theatre of Japan Sugawara Zoshi Buyo "Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami"

The National Theatre of Japan this May will house a piece from 1940, Sugawara Zoshi. A 10-act Buyo(dance) adaptation of the Bunraku and Kabuki classic, “Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami, (Sugawara and the Secrets of Calligraphy)” is resurrected as a fluorescent Buyo(dance) of people standing their own ground whatever fate may bring their way.