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Japanese Films Promotion Project

With older Japanese films becoming increasingly popular abroad, this is a project to strategize the distribution of this valuable cultural resource to overseas audiences. English subtitles are created for these films, and new opportunities are found to screen them at foreign film festivals with the aim of winning wider acceptance for Japanese film culture abroad.


Films by Noboru Nakamura

“The Shape of Night” Nov 27 (Wed), 2013 18:50
19-year-old Yoshie falls in love with Eiji, a yakuza. He forces her into an unbearable life of prostitution from which she attempts to escape, but… KUWANO is outstanding as the heroine, who cannot leave her man despite knowing he is no good for her. Its color scheme and camerawork imbue its imagery with a rich beauty and create a lyrical mise en scene.
* Screened in the Venice Classics at the 70th Venice International Film Festival

“Home Sweet Home” Nov 28 (Thu), 2013 12:30
The Ueki family may not be wealthy, but smiles are never in short supply. The father is awarded prize money for 25 years of service to his workplace, but has it stolen on the way home from the ceremony… This refreshingly heartwarming masterpiece carries on the tradition of the Shochiku Ofuna-style “little citizen” films, and Nakamura’s reliably proficient direction elicits superb work from his crew and star-studded cast.

“When It Rains, It Pours” Nov 29 (Fri), 2013 12:30
Tane, the lady proprietor of an inn for amorous couples, lives there with her three children. When her eldest daughter loses her fiance due to the fact her mother is a mistress, her despair drives her to become a cabaret hostess… A painstaking depiction of not only the anguish of doomed lovers, but also the subtle emotional tapestry of a family whose lives are ruined by good intentions.

(Story text provided by the TOKYO FILMeX Organizing Committee)


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