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Presentation & Talk Session 2

*This event will be held as part of AMIT 2016.

Presentation: Future Cities Becoming a Reality with Digital Nature

Businessman, researcher, media artist…. The multi-talented Yoichi Ochiai has attracted huge attention as a “modern-day wizard.” He skillfully uses science and technology to create universes never before seen in the real world, such as using the membrane of a soap bubble as a display onto which images can be projected, using directional speakers to produce a phenomenon called acoustic levitation and make objects float in mid-air, and using laser beams to produce plasma that generates pictures at your fingertips. In this presentation, Yoichi Ochiai will show us the shape of the future as he sees it. The Colloidal Display bubble screen will be displayed at the venue.

Talk Session 2: Technology Art and Digital Fabrication Today

Drones, VR displays, robots, artificial intelligence…. Now that cutting-edge technology forms part of our daily lives, previously unimaginable artworks are beginning to appear as well. Moreover, with digital fabrication becoming prevalent, it is becoming easy for anyone to give shape to their creativity. Today, as the boundaries between art and technology, and between creators and users are being demolished, what is actually happening at the vanguard of technology art, and what kind of future does digital fabrication have to offer the public? Researchers, corporate developers, artists, directors, and other leading experts in the fields of technology art and digital fabrication will get together to discuss the art and manufacturing of the future.


AMIT Executive Committee


Marunouchi Building 1F Maru-Cube


Organized by
AMIT Executive Committee
Co-organized by
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)