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Open Forum 2018

Borderless creators of new social actions – Approaches beyond category boundaries encourage city and culture’s potentials

Borderless creators of new social actions – Approaches beyond category boundaries encourage city and culture’s potentials

Towards 2020, Arts Council Tokyo and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government have developed the “Tokyo Cultural Program” so as to carry on Tokyo’s cultural legacy 2020 onward, while also aiming to realize Tokyo as the city with cultural fascination. In other words, we have opportunities to present the world with various challenges and new senses with Tokyo as their background. In order to achieve them in Tokyo, where multiple identities and individualities coexist with one another, what ideas can we implement? What methods can we take?

In recent years, particularly upcoming creators make activities crossing over the ideas such as “genre” and “concept”. These activities which lead creative actions and adaptable trends attract attentions. Such creators make approaches the society with flexible ways not bound by the existing concepts such as “creation,” “community,” or “business”. They go onto share with the society their creative activities and other endeavors derived from such approaches. In doing so, they create new values free from stereotype concepts. Their activities and developments of the same can be considered as new solutions for society into the next generation, while also they reveal us the unique and original expansions within the society.

The Forum invites upcoming young creators each based on Tokyo, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, undertaking creative activities unfettered by existing concepts. In addition to shining light on each of their activities, we have open exchange of their flexible idea to explore the new possibilities present within Tokyo – both within the city itself and its culture.

*Japanese-English interpreting available


Photo by Keelan O’Hehir (Liquid Architecture Festival, Melbourne, Australia, 2015)
Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (Co-founder of Ting Shuo Hear Say, Taiwan)
Born in 1984 in Changhua, she is a sound artist and has performed at and organized workshops and events in East Asia, Europe and Oceania, ranging from small independent events to major festivals. During many of overseas residencies, she hosted workshops and various community engagement programs.
Alice is now based in Tainan, Taiwan. She is the co-founder of Ting Shuo Hear Say, a community venue and organization focused on listening, arts and discursive education.

Fran Edgerley (Assemble, London)
Born in 1987, she is a founding member of the Award-winning architecture collective Assemble. She works to explore the social implications of architecture, art and design through a practice that supports complexity and empathy in the city.

Photo by Luke Casey
Michael Leung (Artist / Designer, Urban farmer, Hong Kong)
Born in 1983, London. His projects range from collective urban agriculture projects such as The HK FARMers’ Almanac 2014-2015 to Pangkerchief, a collection of objects produced by Pang Jai fabric market in Sham Shui Po. He is a visiting lecturer at Hong Kong Baptist University where he teaches socially engaged art (MA). His personal research focuses on Insurrectionary Agricultural Milieux, rhizomatic forms of agriculture that exist in local response to global conditions of biopolitics and neoliberalism.
Instagram: studio_leung

Kenta Nakamura (Representative of Nihon Shigoto Hyakka, CEO, shigotohito Inc., Tokyo)
Born in 1979 in Tokyo, he is also in the position of director of Shigotohito Bunko. He manages job information site “Nihon Shigoto Hyakka (Japan Job Encyclopedia)” for people lively facing own job. He also supervises operations and designs of “Little Tokyo” project and “Shigoto Bar (Job Bar)” which intend to create little town in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, in East Tokyo. Meanwhile, he has served judge of Good Design Award since 2014. On April 22, 2017, he launched service “popcorn” allowing everybody to screen movies.


Takashi Serizawa (Executive Director of P3 art and environment)
Born in Tokyo in 1951. After graduating from the Mathematics Course in the Faculty of Science at Kobe University and from the Architecture and Building Science Course in the College of Engineering at Yokohama National University, Serizawa was involved in research related to ecological land-usage planning as a member of Regional Planning Team Assoc., Inc. In 1989, he founded “P3 art and environment.” He successively served as general director of the Tokachi International Contemporary Art Exhibition “DEMETER” (2002), secretary general of the Asahi Art Festival (2003 to 2016), curator for Yokohama Triennale 2005, general director of the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival “Mixed Bathing World” (2009, 2012 and 2015), and director of the Saitama Triennale 2016 (2016).


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