What we do

FY2023 TOKYO Smart Culture Project

This is a project to digitize, record and preserve cultural resources such as the collections owned by metropolitan cultural facilities and activities at the facilities including exhibitions and performances, as well as to provide hands-on experiences of art appreciation in various forms. We aim to create an environment where anyone can enjoy arts and culture anytime, anywhere through an integrated push towards online availability of cultural resources, the creation of new ways to experience and enjoy arts and culture using cutting-edge technology, and the accompanying development of each facility’s information environment.


Online, Metropolitan cultural facilities, etc.

Events Information

Enhancement of Digital Archives

We will promote the construction of a system enabling online availability of collection-related material from six metropolitan museums (Edo-Tokyo Museum, Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo) and the expansion of public access to this material. We will operate Tokyo Museum Collection (ToMuCo), a database enabling cross-searches of material and works in these collections. In addition, we will conduct basic research on digitizing and making available online collection materials and valuable resources.

Development of New Programs Utilizing ICT

We will plan and develop new programs that actively utilize ICT, based on development of the information environment and the construction of digital archives. In addition to releasing a follow-up of the smartphone app Hyper Edohaku, we will expand the app with new interactive content. We also plan to develop a guide app offering visitors to Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum explanation/commentary about the buildings and related material using AR (Augmented Reality) technology.