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"Experience Edo Illumination and Daikagura at the Special Place of Scenic Beauty Rikugien-Gardens"

  • Organization : Hidetomo Nishida
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single Individual
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


A special Daikagura performance space will be set up in “Icho Hiroba (Ginkgo Tree Plaza)” in the Special Scenic Park Rikugien-Gardens at the time of the park’s “Weeping Cherry Tree and Daimyo Garden Light-up” event in spring 2016. While care will be taken to preserve the original character of the Rikugien light-up, the space’s unique illumination will, with the assistance of Light Staff Co., Ltd., be designed in a way that brings the Daikagura performances to life. “Edo Daikagura” (designated an Intangible Folk-Cultural Property of Tokyo), which is said to have been staged at numerous daimyo estates in the Edo era, will be performed here by members of Maruichi Senoh Troupe. By creating new performances uniquely suited to the special light-up conditions (in addition to selections from the existing repertoire) and staging them at this event which many people from all walks of life come to see, the project aims to popularize Daikagura among people of all ages and carry it further into the future.


【Hidetomo Nishida】
Nishida began studying Edo Daikagura under Kosen Kagami (now Senoh Maruichi) in 1998. Since then he has performed under the name “Senwaka” in various events and theatrical performances and, in 2009, on a tour of Denmark and Britain in a project presented by the Japan Foundation. He also carries out various stage production activities, including producing and performing in the musical play Yume and the performing group “‘Zabuton-ichiza’ of Takao Yamada.”

Senoh Maruichi, director of “Maruichi Senoh Troupe,” is the 13th-generation leader of “Edo Daikagura.” He focuses on the training of young performers through weekly practices open to the general public, and the annual “Edo Daikagura no Kai (Edo-Daikagura Performances),” which were held for the 21st time in 2015.


Hidetomo Nishida
2-1-2-303, Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0022


Special Place of Scenic Beauty Rikugien-Gardens(Bunkyo City, Tokyo)