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  • Organization : FUKAIPRODUCEhagoromo
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


FUKAIPRODUCEhagoromo 20th performance of “Itoiiland”

This offbeat musical (“myosical”) puts a spotlight on small-scale “living” drama existing freely beyond time and place. A couple traveling by camper van come to health spa “Itoiiland” where, in the absence of King Itoi, his seven wives are boasting to each other about their lovers. Set mainly in the imaginary, titular kingdom of “Itoiiland,” scenes shift freely from a universe where the Moon feels unrequited love for the Earth, to geckos and lizards in the corner of a room. From a sleepless woman gazing at the sky next to her lover who has fallen asleep, and the housewives and the store manager who work at the health spa, to a spider and a crow, and a deep sea fish couple, the work flits back and forth between commonplace landscapes and unreal worlds in its depiction of various forms of love, with a worldview presaging the end.

Junko Fukai, Keisuke Hidaka, Ayumi Koiwa, Yoshikazu Takawashi , Shinji Sawada, Yusu Kim, Minako Niibe, Yosuke Okamoto, Chie Asakawa (FUKAIPRODUCEhagoromo); Masako Ito, Naoko Kouda, Noemi Takayama, Sasuke Otsuru, Okamori (Tobiraza)

Producer: Junko Fukai
Writer/director/composer: Konosuke Itoi
Choreography: Sei Kigawa
Stage direction: Joushima Noriko (Shifukudan)
Lighting: Ei Matsumoto(eimatsumoto Co.Ltd) 
Sound: Kouji Sato (Sugar Sound)
Costume: Minomomarika (Akkei)
Production assistants: Miki Nakamura, Satoko Yoshino
Publicity design: Yayoi Hayashi
Production coordination: Atsuko Sakata, Yayoi Hayashi, Jotaro Oishi
Planning/production: FUKAIPRODUCEhagoromo
With the cooperation of: Kichijoji Theatre
Co-host: AI HALL


This company was founded in 2004 by actress Junko Fukai. The troupe performs uniquely strange musicals (“myosicals”) by writer, director, and composer Konosuke Itoi. Its offbeat musical theater expresses common situations in everyday life with uncommon song, dance, and human power. The 14th performance of “A Tunnel of Ears,” staged in March 2012, won the CoRich Dramatic Arts Festival Gran Prix. In the same year, another performance, “Bathtub Boat,” won the Grand-Prix in the Quarter Star Contest for recorded theatrical performances. The troupe made the finals of the 62nd Kishida Kunio Drama Award with “Shunkan konen (momentary light year)” performed in 2017. The unit is expanding its reach to other activities outside of theater such as live music concerts and event appearances.




Kichijoji Theatre(Musashino City, Tokyo)