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Noh Reimagined: The Contemporary Art of Classical Japanese Theatre

  • Organization : International Noh Project Committee
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


A two day festival ” Noh Reimagined: The Contemporary Art of Classical Japanese Theatre ” at Kings Place, London will bring Noh, one of the oldest performing arts in the world to diverse English audiences. The festival will explore the potential of Noh to inspire contemporary artists and audiences through various programmes; performance of classical Noh repertories by finest Noh performers from Japan, premieres of new works by emerging English composers, intercultural collaboration with world renowned saxophonist Evan Parker and the most sought after female remix artists, as well as panel discussions and presentations by contemporary British composers and artists across arts forms. In Rome, lecture demonstration and a workshop for local children are scheduled.

Kanze Yoshimasa (shite) 
Yukihiro Isso (nohkan flute)
Narita Tatsushi (kotsuzumi shoulder drum) 
Kakihara Hiromitsu (otsuzumi hip drum)  
Yoshitani Kiyoshi (taiko stick drum)  
Masaki Umano(koken, tsure)


【Yukihiro Isso】
Yukihiro Isso is a Japanese Noh flutist (hayashi-kata fue-kata) from a family that has been playing this instrument since the 16th century. An acclaimed performer of classical Noh repertoire, Isso is also an accomplished improviser and has performed with the likes of Cecil Taylor, Peter Brötzmann, and John Zorn.


Akiko Yanagisawa (Producer), Mizoe Yuriko(Manager)
International Noh Project Committee
4-22-17,Minami Oizumi, Nerimaku, Tokyo 178-0064


Kings Place (London, UK)
L’Istituto Giapponese di Cultura in Roma (Rome, Italy)