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Tama/Tachikawa Area Regional Revitalization Project
Tachikawa Culture Factory Opening Project

  • Organization : Arts Network Japan
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single


Tachikawa Culture Factory is starting out by making use of a closed school—a first for the city of Tachikawa. The purpose of this opening project is to inform residents of Tachikawa City and the Tama area of the opening of this facility and the purpose of its activities. This event will provide an opportunity for college students and local residents to interact with each other.

(1) Midsummer Interior Decorating Project 
August 18 (Mon.) – 19 (Tue.), 2015
Local residents and college students will work together to renovate the first-floor café, the gallery, and hallways, transforming this shutdown elementary school into a cultural facility.

(2) Opening Day – September 27 (Sun.), 2015
Blackboard Jack, Science School “The Teeny Tiny Dinosaur Museum,” Starlit Cinema, and other events will be held, providing those who do not usually see art or science a first-hand chance to experience artwork and more.


Koji Kurasako
Born in 1969, Koji Kurasako is a stage director and broadcast writer. After graduating from Miyazaki Kita High School, he went on to major in Political Science at Waseda University. After college, he became involved in theatrical productions while freelancing as a broadcast writer. He was an associate artist at Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory from 2010 – 2014, and currently serves as Chief Director of Tachikawa Culture Factory, Chairman of Theatre Ort, and part-time lecturer at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and J. F. Oberlin University.


Shigeya Yo
Chief manager
Tachikawa Culture Factory
6-46-1 Fujimicho Tachikawa-shi Tokyo 190-0013


Tachikawa Culture Factory(Tachikawa City, Tokyo)