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Workshop: Creating Audio Guides for the Visually Challenged

  • Organization : NPO Senior Theater Network
  • Section : None
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


As part of a far-reaching effort to provide theater audiences with a broader range of support, this workshop trains participants to create audio guides for the blind and visually challenged. In the introductory portion, participants watch plays together with visually challenged individuals and learn more about what disabled audience members have trouble understanding and what kinds of information they need to improve their theatergoing experience. Drawing on that direct input, the workshop participants formulate their own audio guide scripts and do readings to hear what their texts actually sound like.
The final session integrates the participants’ audio guides into a real-life theatrical performance, giving the creators a chance to experience their work in action and get feedback from visually challenged spectators. In all, the workshop is a unique platform that allows learners to master valuable skills while they spend time with disabled audience members—their target audience.


Kujira Ema
NPO Senior Theater Network


Vol.1-4 : Miraikan Taimei (Toshima city, Tokyo), Vol.5 : Haiyuza Theater (Minato city, Tokyo)