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“Takeoff” in Taiwan

  • Organization : SAMPLE
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Theater company SAMPLE will attend “Votage-2016 Kuandu Arts Festival in Taiwan. This is the first performance in abroad. One of the greatest feature of Shu Matsui’s work is to focus cutting-edge aspects of our modern lives such as homosexuality, gender transition, regenerative medicine and religion while his consistent theme of this work is to challenge boundaries. In this piece of three actors drama, one of the actor he will direct is Kim Ito, an acclaimed dancer and choreographer. The piece illustrates the situation borrowed by The Wayfarer of Soseki Natsume


A play company directed by Shu Matsui (play writer, director, actor). SAMPLE’s style is highly supported by people beyond generation, in which actors and staff seamlessly and bizarrely drive segments of bawdy yet mythical world Matsui describes.
Shift and Burning up Calories were translated into French, Basement was translated into Italian and The Treasured Son was translated into English and played at Ohio Northern University in 2013.
Matsui won The 9th Japan Playwrites Association New Face Award by Passege (2004), The 55th Kunio Kishida Drama Award by The Treasured Son.
Participated in Echigo-Tsumaari Art Triennial-Earth Art Festival in 2012 and 2015.


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TNUA Experimental Theater, Taipei, Taiwan