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Rino Daidoji "Socialstrip" Asia Tour 2016

  • Organization : Rino Daidoji
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Touring Asia with her first solo work Socialstrip, Rino Daidoji will be performing in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Bangkok from July 13-31, 2016. Daidoji, who has been based in Italy as well as Japan of late, hopes to use this tour to gain a foothold for future activities in Asia. During the performances, she and members of the audience, including other artists, will take the opportunity to consider what young Asian artists should do in order to undertake activities in various parts of the world, as well as looking at the possibilities offered by theater and ways of developing it going forward.

Tour members:
Rino Daidoji (writer/director/performer), Haruka Inoue (performer/hair & make-up/costumes), Kazuya Kato (technical director), Yui Yamamoto (scenic design/stage manager), Riho Onodera (tour manager/assistant director)


【Rino Daidoji】
Founding member of theater group FAIFAI. From 2004, Daidoji performed in almost all of the group’s works both within Japan and overseas. She also took charge of planning the group’s overseas performances. In these theatrical productions, she established her reputation with performances that bring to life fantasy elements derived from our everyday existence. Since beginning to give solo performances in 2014, she has sought to take elements of her daily life and the lives of people around her and develop them into contemporary fantasies, deftly weaving them into stories that she expresses with her own body, giving them a sense of reality.


Kazuya Kato
Rino Daidoji


Beijing Penghao Theatre, Beijin, China, Tong 3, Hong kong, China, Gallery 2.0, Bangkok, Thailand