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How to "show-do"

  • Organization : Kobayashi Art & Science
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


National treasures and other works of Japanese art which have faded in color over time or undergone alterations, are restored according to academic knowledge of colors and specifications used in the period when they were made. In this hands-on art appreciation program, participants have a chance to actually use the restored items as tools and hear an explanation about the period in which they were produced, including its culture/customs and architecture.
By returning to the idea that most Japanese works of art were made as tools, and by providing a chance to experience these items directly, for example by touching and opening them, this program aims to encourage people to freely admire the works, adopt the perspective of Japanese art, and enrich their daily lives. That is the true meaning of “show-do.”
To deepen this cultural experience further, the artworks are accompanied by music (including gagaku, or traditional court music) and aromas of the period of production, as well as a tea ceremony based on contemporaneous foods, calendars and seasons. In this way, the program is presented as a form of entertainment which can be enjoyed with all five senses around the focal point of Japanese art appreciation.

Instructor: Taizo Kobayashi
Course summary
Pre-course gathering (light meal provided)
Talk on the culture/ustoms of the period of production
Opportunity to use restored items
Tea ceremony

Gagaku musicians, monks and others
Tea ceremony support
Mt. Fuji Marumo Tea Plantation, Yusuke Kanzaki


【Kobayashi Art & Science】
In addition to digital restoration of artworks, old photos and so on, Kobayashi Art & Science dispatches instructors in restoration technology and Japanese art. It also focuses on initiatives for proactive collaboration with artisans, and research into and organization of Japanese art.
In “How to ‘show-do”, it invites artists and creators from various fields, such as gagaku musicians and tea ceremony masters/instructors, according to the theme of each course.


Nobuko Koinumaru
Dice Connecting LLC.
Wakasa Building 5F 1-7-8 hachobori chuo-ku Tokyo Japan


Tokyo Matsuya Showroom Shop(Taito City, Tokyo ) by the end of 2016