What we do


  • Organization : Kodomokyojin
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


This is a performance of a theatrical piece adapted and directed by Kodomokyojin leader Takashi Masuyama, and loosely based on one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies, “Macbeth.” Shakespeare is the most important playwright in theater history, with his works still performed not only in Japan but around the world. We at Kodomokyojin company want to express and reflect the world of today through theater and through actors’ bodies, in the spirit of Shakespeare’s world. There are parallels between Macbeth, whose life is thrown into turmoil by the prophecy of a witch, and a contemporary figure at the mercy of the flood of information in our internet-driven society. The Islamic State and other extremism easily infiltrates wider society via social networks and other online methods, radicalizing thoughts and ideas. For vulnerable people today with no one else to turn to due to the collapse of local communities and the family institution, the temptation of witches and the whispered incitements of Lady Macbeth are even more of a lure now than in Macbeth’s time, and carry the danger of an easy slide into ruin. Our aim is to boldly revive this classic story for today, while tying it closely to universal human emotions.


KODOMOKYOJIN is a theatrical troupe formed in 2005 by brothers Takashi and Kanji Masuyama. Music along with conversations dramatize tales by spinning a visual hallucination. Performances are usually described as full of surreal & black humor mixed together. The original plays
are filled with satire and fantasy carrying audiences into and through the world of nostalgia and surprise.
Works include “IE Series”, a performance staged in a 100 year-old Japanese style house with only 20 seats, Its musical series, feature strange music, such as samurai-musical) with dancing, singing, and live music featured in tours around the town.


Mizuho Sasaki


Honda Theatre (Setagaya City, Tokyo)