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Double Tomorrow

  • Organization : Theatre Troupe EN
  • Section : International project
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Interdisciplinary


With the key phrase “Double Tomorrow”–which has various meanings including “two tomorrows,” “simultaneous tomorrows” and “each tomorrow”–this is a new kind of creative theatrical production meant to transcend the genres of theatre and dance, tear off the page of today and live the tomorrow called hope.
In today’s world, values are evolving and multifaceted sensibilities and essential forms of expression are required. Theatre Troupe EN is working with Fabian Prioville, who sensitively perceives and incisively delves into the current times, to explore new possibilities for theatre.

Director/organizer: Fabian Prioville
Dramaturge: Kaku Nagashima
Music: Tomoko Uzawa
Performers: Yuko Fukui, Akihiko Ishizumi, Kiyomi Tanikawa, Joe Watanabe, Kayu Suzuki, Masanori Iwasaki, Akira Okubo and others


【Fabien Prioville】
Fabien Prioville is a dancer/choreographer/director based in Germany. Not limited to dance, his works pointedly depict the light and shadow of people living in contemporary society. While resembling Pina Bausch’s “Tanztheater,” they form his own unique world, cynical yet filled with humanity. Prioville has a strong connection with Japan. His work includes “Kamihikouki,” of which the subject is female high school students in Japan; “Jailbreak Mind,” which takes as its motif the Akihabara massacre; and the SOMA Project, in which he collaborates with dancers from Tanztheater Pina Bausch and Japanese artists.


Eizi kirito, Yoshiko momoi
Theater Troupe EN
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Kichijoji Theatre(Musashino City, Tokyo)