What we do

New movie production to question the state of being visible in film making

  • Organization : Invisible Committee
  • Section : Artistic and creative activity in Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Production is underway of a new movie examining the vital factor of “vision” in the expressive medium of images. The forerunner of this project was “INNERVISION”, released in 2013. The film followed the making of a science-fiction action film by a visually-impaired character, depicting the process of preparation leading up to shooting. The new movie will go into the actual filming process, and depict the relationship between visibility, capturing images, and narrating a story in more depth. By having as its protagonist a visually-impaired person who never has a concept of vision, we believe that not only does the movie offer a new way of looking at the visual art of film, but it can also address the essential human desire to capture and create images, and express ourselves. We also hope that the film will not only change the way disability is seen in society, but also that it will give an opportunity for those involved in moving images to reflect on film making in its own light.


【Makoto Sasaki】
In 2006, his directorial debut, the limited-release documentary “Fragment” went on to run for over three years and included overseas screenings in countries like the US and Germany. He subsequently released “INNERVISION” in 2013 and “Minorities and Sex, Strictly Personal Way of Love” in 2015. In 2014 his documentary “Barrier Free Communication” was aired as part of Fuji Television’s NONFIX documentary series.

【Miyuki Tanaka】
Curator and producer. She considers design not as decoration but a way to communicate the framework of social issues and elements. Her output, which is not confined to a particular category, extends to exhibitions, performances and more. She looks at disability not from a welfare aspect but from the perspective of an alternative and creative way of perceiving the world. On this basis she conceives projects that act as a stimulus that hasn’t been recognized by the majority.


Invisible Committee
Miyuki Tanaka