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Animation Workshop in the Philippines, Indonesia & Japan: The Animation of Dancing Men

  • Organization : Alterspace Committee
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Visual Art / Media Art


Instructor: Matsumoto Chikara(Painter, Animation Artist)
You can draw each frame by yourself, and the artist shoots your drawings one by one and creates an animation.
An animation has been considered as children’s entertainment, while people easily conceive that making an animation involves an unknown but complicated process. But Matsumoto Chikara can provide you with an opportunity to participate in this interesting process. Any participants to his workshop – whether you are a child or an adult, whether you can draw well or not, and whether you know well about animation- making or not – can freely draw anything and everything, and Chikara can smoothly link them all and turn them into a one complete animation.
The participants, who meet at his workshop, play models for one another, exchange ideas and thoughts, create their own stories, and produce several hundreds of frames in a few hours together. They will be able to experience the whole animation production process.
Share the moment of your drawings, vitalized in their own time and rhythm on the picture scroll, designed created by Matsumoto Chikara himself.
The Japanese animation, a.k.a. anime, is a worldly famous genre of artistic or commercial expression now, and Matsumoto Chikara seeks to meet traditional Japanese scroll painting with motion pictures. Each frame of his animation is concentration of his imagination, and once these frames create a motion picture, it becomes his painting. It is art of time. Participants can actively join his production process and share their moments of imagination with others.


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Alterspace is an art space which has been operated without a physical space. It started with its exhibitions and workshops at Asahi Art Square as Open Square Project in January 2014. Ever since, it has continued mainly in Tokyo, but in diverse places.


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