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Dairakudakan Temputenshiki performances in Canada

  • Organization : Dairakudakan Temputenshiki/Camel Arts Co.
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Mushi no Hoshi is a work premiered in Tokyo as to cerebrate the 42nd anniversary of the founding of Dairakudakan.
Believing that human being is the only thing on the earth that could acquire intelligent and sapient, human being have been struggling onwards in the quest for progress and development. However, as human being sought progress and development, human being survived by changing surroundings, rather without attempting to change themselves or do things differently. On the contrary, insects have been evolving by changing themselves in adaptation to diversity on the earth. Perhaps contacts from other stars have really been transmitted to insects, not humans…
This piece is a Butoh dance work showing the world of human being and insects, weaving Akaji Maro’s peculiar imagination and wild fancies.

Choreography, performance and stage art: Akaji Maro
Performance: Akaji Maro, Takuya Muramatsu, Ikko Tamura, Atsushi Matsuda, Emiko Agatsuma, Akiko Takakuwa, Naomi Muku, and other (22 performers in total)
Music: Kesuke Doi, Jeff Mills


Founded in 1972 by director Akaji Maro, with an original form of dance named “temputenshiki (meant a very talent that the act of birth in this world)”. Dairakudakan has been creating and performing more than 60 works of Butoh by accumulating movements and gestures which were mostly unmemorable. And the group performs actively both at home and abroad. Besides, Dairakudakan makes great efforts to nurture butoh performers, choreographers and producers through its energetic shows at the Kochuten studio.


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