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The Bed & Makings Timeless Series presents Pupa, part of the Aoyama Theatre Festival special event The Other Side of Goodbye

  • Organization : BED & MAKINGS
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


In a work only possible in a round theater, a wall has been constructed across the center of the stage, making it impossible for the audience on one side to see what is happening on the other as two stories are performed simultaneously, one on each side. Consisting of the Larval Side and the Imago Side, these two tales are independent, yet come to intrude on each other as they progress. Are we paying close attention to what is happening before our very eyes right now? Are we watching events unfold while sensing the background to them? Are we thinking about things we cannot see and using our imagination? This work poses all of these questions to the audience.
Original script: KOIKE Takemi (Duel Sisters)
Adapted and staged by FUKUHARA Mitsunori

Performers: KISHII Yukino, SHIMIZU Hazuki, TOMIOKA Koichiro, TAMAKI Reo, NOGUCHI Kaoru, MACHIDA Marie, NAKAMARU Shion, TOMIMORI Justin, IZUTSU Daisuke, NAKAMURA Takashi, MITSUCHI Yukitoshi, SAEKI Arata, KATAOKA Hiroko
Lighting: KAWAKAMI Ken’ichi
Costumes: TAKAGI Ayuko
Production Assistant: AIDA Takeshi
Stage Director: NAKANISHI Takao
Producer: KASAHARA Ken’ichi


【Bed & Makings】
A theater company formed in February 2012 by playwright and director FUKUHARA Mitsunori and actor TOMIOKA Koichiro. It was set up by this pair of shy idealists with the aim of making our contradiction-filled world easier to live in by focusing on the theme of “philosophy that even a monkey could understand.” The name of the company likens the theater to a bed and the process of making it. With a strong desire to breathe life into theater and to perform plays outside conventional theater environments, this company has given performances in warehouses and various outdoor locations. The consistent theme running through the works it creates is the rehabilitation of the imagination.


Kenichi Kasahara
Bed & Makings
2-4-17-1303, Kichijoji honmachi, Musashino City, Tokyo 180-0004
Tel: +81-(0)90-4397-4964
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