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Movies from Sound 2 "Music as Movie"

  • Organization : charm point
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music, Visual Art / Media Art, Interdisciplinary


This is the second part of a project that creates movies from sounds. In conventional movie production, the soundtrack (voices, noises, music, and other sounds) is treated as incidental, recorded at the same time as the footage is shot or added on in the postrecording process. By bringing the soundtrack to the fore, this project questions the hierarchy of image (visual representation) and sound (auditory representation) in movies in an attempt to expand modes of expression in movies while rethinking what movies actually are. This time, we are using an acousmonium, a performance system for acousmatic sound, which is a genre of acoustic art. In parallel with the production of the work, we will again hold a series of lectures at which special guests discuss recent changes in the movie and video environment arising from digitization, as well as screening a film created from the performance in Movies from Sound 1, to serve as a bridge into this second part.


charm point
Founded by film director Kei Shichiri and a group of freelance video staff, musicians, and artists to create and present works that transcend the boundaries of existing genres of expression. As well as Before the Day Breaks, a film that consists almost entirely of voices and signs, with hardly any human figures to be seen, their previous projects include DUBHOUSE, a short collaboration with architects, and To the Light, an ongoing short film project that is continually evolving. They also pursue experimental approaches to the ways in which their films are screened.


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