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No singing bird in winter

  • Organization : Sunachi Theatre Company
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Years ago, the “Okegawa stalker murder” sent shock waves through society. With that case as a motif, this work considers “codependence,” based on the themes “Why does this kind of incident occur?” and “What is the true character of the ‘love’ that is assumed to be at its root?” It shows various forms of “love” directed towards one woman, and depicts “true love” in today’s world.

Written/directed by Yuta Funaiwa
Art: Aya Matsumura
Lighting: Daisuke Matsumoto
Sound: Midori Sugiyama
Stage direction: Eisuke Shiraishi
Cast: Mariko Kotaki, Ayako Umemura, Asato Ide, Kousei Matsumoto, others
Management: Misaki Kawamoto Producer: Yoko Koike


Yuta Funaiwa
Funaiwa studied with Koichi Kimura of Chijinkai and with Tatsuo Kaneshita of the stage event project group THE GAZIRA. In 2007 he formed his own group, Sunachi Theatre Company, and since then has organized and directed all of Sunachi’s works. Funaiwa delves deeply into the modernity of classic and modern plays and, using extremely standard production methods, pursues realism in theater. He excels at the insightful reading of plays, and in 2011 he attracted considerable attention with his production of Shakespeare’s “King Richard the Second.” The vivid structure and heat-intense, multi-dimensional production, which extracted the essence of this classical work, were highly praised, and Funaiwa was much talked about as a rare young director who specialized in staging established theatrical works. His most well known productions are “Richard II” (2011), “Disk” (2013) and “3crock” (2014).


Misaki Kawamoto
Production Manager
Sunachi Theatre Company
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