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Nyotai-Shakespeare 007『Kanjyuku-Richard III』

  • Organization : Kaki-kuu-kyaku
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


The Nyotai-Shakespeare series of performances is an all-female theater project examining the treatment of women in Shakespeare’s plays, as well as the potential of the actress as an expressive artist. For the 7th part of the series, director Nakayashiki Norihito takes on the challenge of an adaptation of Richard III, which has been put on the stage uner a variety of interpretations, with a new directorial approach. As well as the central figure of Richard III, this production focuses on the women surrounding him. Under Nakayashiki’s stylish direction, it expresses the universality of Shakespeare’s work and the questions it raises for today.


Nakayashiki Norihito
Recipient of the 49th National High School Theater Competition best original play award for Gansaku Macbeth, written while he was at high school. Since creating theater group Kaki-kuu-kyaku in 2006, he has been involved in the direction of all its theatrical works. He continues to broaden his professional range with such activities as directing original pieces and collaborative works with Theater Company Caramelbox, a Japan-Korea co-production, a theater-for-children project, an original musical, and the creation of a series of Shakespeare adaptations, Nyotai-Shakespeare.
In 2012 at the tender age of 28, he was specially appointed as writer-director for a Parco theatrical production, and the Kaki-kuu-kai play Musabetsu was shortlisted for the 57th Kishida Kunio Drama Award.


Fujii Ryoichi
Production Manager
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