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A Window open to the World
Takao Hyakutome Violin Recital vol.3

  • Organization : Japan Society for Contemporary Music
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music


A Window open to the World, which features Japanese musicians active overseas, is one in a series of recitals organized by the Japan Society for Contemporary Music as part of the Exhibition of Contemporary Music 2015. This series, the third of its kind, introduces performers who have little opportunity to work in Japan but who already have a good reputation overseas.
This recital introduces Belgium-based violinist Takao Hyakutome. Hyakutome’s forte is his virtuoso interpretation and performance. As well as solos, he is also an indispensable figure as a member of various ensembles. The program consists of new works written for him, a new work by Takahiro Kuroda, a young composer chosen from public submissions, as well as works by Georges Aperghis, who earns great reputation in Europe, and Dmitrij Kurljandskij (Russia) who has received much attention in recent years, making this program almost a world-first and certainly a Japan-first. Moreover works in this performance include the use of the five string violin that makes Hyakutome’s performances so fascinating.


Takao Hyakutome
Born in Sapporo, he went to Europe in 2003, where he studied violin and composition at the Conservatory of Maastricht and the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, from which he graduated in 2009 with a Master’s degree with highest honors. As well as the premiering of various new works at many contemporary music festivals in Europe, Egypt and other places, he also works with Antwerp-based Champ d’Action. Amongst other instruments, he uses a violin, 1910 Eduardo Marchetti in Turin, and a John Jordan five string electric violin.


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