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Juggling and Music Group Nagamekurasitsu

  • Organization : Nagamekurasitsu
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Music, Dance, Interdisciplinary


Nagamekurasitsu, a juggling and music group founded by Yosuke Meguro.

A short work titled Daredemonai (I am no one), is full of techniques and visual beauty performed by the group’s members and young jugglers demonstrated their skills at an audition. The main performance Owariwominagara (As I watch it end), follows and is a beautifully and subtly portrayal of relationships between sound, objects, and the body, employing different art forms from aerial, mime, acrobatics, and dance.

We hope you will enjoy the world of Nagamekurasitsu that demonstrates the power of juggling as a form of dance and physical expression, with glimpses of the creators’ heart, to your heart.

Directed and choreographed by Yosuke Meguro

Music and performance: Takeki Ygal Muto
Performers: Yukiko Maeo, Kouta Ohashi, Tetsuya Okura, Teruki Okamoto, Hiroki Kanba, Yuji Kodaka, Taichi Kotsuji, Yamato Shinoda, Hirotake Nagaoka, Takeshi Matsuda

Music and performance: Hiromichi Sakamoto, Takeki Ygal Muto
Performers: Yosuke Meguro, Akira Miyano, Aimi Hasegawa, Barbara Murata, Tsugumi Tsukada, Kai Taniguchi


Stage director and juggler Yosuke Meguro led the founding of Nagamekurasitsu. With a focus on juggling and music, the group creates performances as cross-genre physical expressions. In recent years, the group has focused on talent development and promotion of juggling as an art form. In April 2014, it presented its first new performance in two years titled Oiteittamono (What we left). The group has been invited to perform at the BIRD Theatre Festival TOTTORI 7 in September, and participated in the Japan Juggling Festival 2014 as a guest from Japan, The group has plans to present a new performance at Theater Tram in late December.


Yuko Okumura
Production Manager

Tel: +81-(0)70-5573-6248
E-mail: nagameinfo◆gmail.com
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THEATRE TRAM(Setagaya City, Tokyo)