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KENTARO!! Dance Performance in Montpellier

  • Organization : KENTAROCKERS
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


Kentaro is one of Japan’s leading contemporary dancers. He is scheduled to perform solo at Mouvements sur la Ville #6 coinciding with Montpellier Dance, and with workshops for local elementary school children including kindergarten students. Mouvements sur la Ville is an off-festival where three major independent companies/choreographers, (Yann Lheureux, Hélène Cathala, Didier Théron), who are based in Montpellier, open their studios — L’Atelier, La Salle 3, l’Espace Bernard Glandier — to host unique programs they created with local libraries, museums, and schools. The festival was launched in 2009, and celebrates its 6th anniversary this year.



Born in 1980, Kentaro bases his dancing techniques on hip hop, while creating and demonstrating his own expressions that are different from any existing dance style. In recent years he has created a style that enables him to synchronize ambiguously with a sound source — created himself — while telling a story without a narrative structure.

He received the French Embassy Prize for Young Choreographers at the Yokohama Dance Collection R 2008, the Audience Prize, and the Next Age Choreographer Award at the Toyota Choreography Award 2008, as well as the Japan Dance Forum Award in 2010.
He has been invited to many overseas events where he has demonstrated his passion for dancing.


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