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Contemporary Dance Showcase
: Japan and East Asia

  • Organization : HiWood
  • Section : Overseas
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Dance


“Positioning Japan in the geographical and cultural context of Asia, “the Contemporary Dance Showcase: Japan and East Asia” features dances from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. This project is an excellent opportunity to show American audiences the diverse Asian contemporary dance as well as Asian theatrical arts that continue to evolve year after year.

The Contemporary Dance Showcase this time features performances by enra, a dance group that played an important role in the bid to host the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Mikiko Kawamura, a young dancer engaging in a wide range of activities, and Seki Kaori Punctumun led by Kaori Seki who received the Next Generation Choreographer Award at the 2012 Toyota Choreography Award, are featured.

enra (Nobuyuki Hanabusa,Tachun, Maki Yokoyama, Saya Watatani, Yusaku Mochizuki)
Seki Kaori Punctumun (Kaori Seki, Teita Iwabuchi, Yu Gotoh, Yui Yabuki)
Mikiko Kawamura

Theatrical staff:
Ichiro Awazu, Mika Sakaki, Tsutsumida Yuji, Yui Yabuki, Toshifumi Yoshitake

Koichiro Takagi


Since 2000, HiWood has planned and produced ARTNOVA, a project sponsored by Asahi Breweries held four times a year, as well as Next Next hosted by the Saison Foundation. Since 2001, HiWood has planned and produced the Toyota Choreography Award, and held dance workshops at schools on remote islands as part of the Tokyo Culture Creation Project. It also manages, plans, and produces contemporary dance performances.


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