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  • Organization : Gakusya Jikouiinkai (Gakusya Executive Committee)
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Japanese Traditional Art


This is the second launch of the event originally dedicated for the familiarization of nagauta as an easy-listening mode of entertainment as well as an established traditional singing art. The program takes Tsuchigumo, from Japanese folklore that is often featured in kabuki and Noh, and is arranged around the performance of the classical repertoire of the trilogy “Tsuchigumo; jyo tyu ge” as well as the appreciation of the character through the curation by a Noh musician and commentator.

Starring: Toshimitsu Kineya, Yusuke Kineya, Sinjyuro Katada and others; Commentary by Mititaka Takeuti


Toshimitsu Kineya
The Tokyo-born nagauta performer, Toshimitsu Kineya, actively engages in performances of nagauta at Kabuki, NHK broadcasting programs, and other events. He is dedicated to educational initiatives throughout the country, training young performers, and promoting the traditional singing art. He also organizes his own concerts and recitals to refine his talent and skills. He is recognized as one of the authentic nagauta singers who perpetuates the tradition. He was awarded the Grand Prize in the Music Division of Arts Festival sponsored by Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2011.


Yuri Muraji
Gakusya Jikouiinkai (Gakusya Executive Committee)
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Cerulean Tower Noh Theater (Shibuya City, Tokyo)