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Kuzukawa Shichosha “Betrayal”

  • Organization : GORCH BROTHERS, Ltd.
  • Section : In Tokyo
  • Type of Grant Program : Single
  • Art Forms : Theater


Betrayal is a drama published in 1978 by the British playwright and Nobel laureate (2005) Harold Pinter. This drama has a structure in which time moves back as the drama goes on. Although the story line is about an ordinary extra-marital affair involving two men and a woman, various techniques that Pinter presents confront the audience with the uncertainty of reality and perception.

Written by Harold Pinter
Translated by Tetsuo Kishi
Directed by Keishi Nagatsuka

Cast: Yasuko Matsuyuki, Tetsushi Tanaka, and Keishi Nagatsuka

Scenic art: Izumi Matsuoka
Lighting: Shigeo Saito
Audio: Yutaka Kato
Costume: Die-co★
Hair makeup: Yoko Kawamura
Assistant director: Miki Yamada
Stage director: Satoshi Fukuzawa


Gorch Brothers
The predecessor of Gorch Brothers was the production department of Asagaya Spiders, a production group. It was incorporated in June 2004, and established an actors-management section. Since then, it has been actively involved in productions of various productions. At present it is producing performances by theatrical companies including Asagaya Spiders, Kuzukawa Shichosha, Kaki-Kuu Kyaku, and Théâtre des Annales.

Kuzukawa Shichosha
Kuzukawa Shichosha is a solo project founded by the playwright and director Keishi Nagatsuka in 2011. In this project Nakatsuka does not direct his own dramas, but creates performances from a wide range of materials including existing Japanese dramas, foreign dramas in translation, and dramatizations of novels. He also introduces workshops and readings into his creative process, giving his creations a long-term perspective. He is also active in local areas with hopes of spreading his exciting works.


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